How To Prevent Online Dating Site Scams

Why So Many Dating Site Scams? The rise in popularity of internet dating sites has been accompanied by the increase in dating site scams.  As humans, we naturally crave companionship. It is a characteristic we’ve developed over the millennia. Until recently the options we had for seeking out such company were very limited; however that all changed with the advent of social media, and in particular, online dating sites. Unfortunately, the more ruthless members of our society, have cottoned on to this basic hunger for love and affection, and are using it to their advantage. The scammer will pick up on seemingly innocuous little tit bits. Slowly they will piece these little pieces of information together until they have enough to go on: Then they strike! So we have to be wary of what we actually divulge, both in our profile and in any conversation we have with them.. Online dating site scams shouldn’t prevent us from using internet dating sites. And, with a little due care and atten


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