How Online Dating Scams Work

Online Dating Scams: the dark side of internet dating Online dating scams, like any other scams, happen all to frequently. However; dating site scammers often follow a well rehearsed plan of action. We’re all familiar with the “Nigerian scam”, where, out of the blue, you will receive an email from someone who desperately need to transfer a large amount of money from under the noses of officials in their own country. All they need are a few personal details and the customary access to your bank account. Don t get caught out by online dating scams Who are the dating site scammers? An unnaturally high proportion of the scams targeting women often originate from African countries. A quick search on Google trends told me that the regions with the most interest in online dating are: Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria (surprise surprise), Uganda and Kenya. Suggesting that this type of scam is highly successful and we can expect more of the same. And, as far as I can see, the number of scammers is


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